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Fritz Grewenig (Heusweiler 1891–1974 Trier), Stillleben mit Äpfeln und Kanne, 1914, Öl auf Leinwand, Inv. Nr. III 2108, Ankauf 2015
Fritz Grewenig (Heusweiler 1891–1974 Trier), Stillleben mit Äpfeln und Kanne, 1914, Öl auf Leinwand, Inv. Nr. III 2108, Ankauf 2015

Exhibition in Trier
29 March 2020 – 14 February 2021

The city of Trier boasts an excellent art collection that is the bedrock of historical scholarship and public engagement at Stadtmuseum Simeonstift.

The commitment to conserve, research, exhibit, and educate goes hand in hand with an imperative to collect, as a significant portion of the museum’s work is devoted to the active and ongoing expansion of the collection. This mission is grounded on principles shaped by the collection’s own history, its present conception, and future-oriented acquisitions strategy. It is as much motivated by the ambition to close noticeable gaps as the desire to acquire objects that reflect an ever-changing world and help tailor the collection’s distinct profile.

Long viewed as a kind of repository of the past, concerned solely with assembling and conserving historical artefacts, the museum as an institution has changed. Nowadays the museum’s holdings are the basis for fresh interpretations of the past, viewed through the prism of a topical theme. Safeguarding the collection’s essence, its most vital holdings, while developing its content and pursuing a programme of systematic expansion are the museum’s core tasks if it is to remain fit for purpose in the future. A major consideration in maintaining and expanding Stadtmuseum Simeonstift’s collection is the need to create a compelling portrayal of the dynamics that forged (and will continue to shape) Trier’s identity.

Donations made by the people of Trier from the 19 th century onwards were fundamental to the growth of the city’s art collection. In addition to private collections bequeathed to the museum in their entirety, it is the countless individual donations and financial contributions made by the people of Trier throughout the institution’s history that make ours a veritable ‘citizens’ museum’. This is also reflected in the exhibition itself: around 60 percent of the pieces on display are generous donations from the past few years. It has also been possible to acquire a number of special objects thanks to the financial support of our affiliated patrons’ society, the Verein der Freunde des Stadtmuseums Simeonstift.

The exhibition Continuing the Collection: New Accessions Unveiled presents around 150 works – arranged thematically in six sections – that together comprise a survey of acquisitions made over the past seven years. Encompassing portraits, landscapes, city views and craftwork from the 18 th century to the present, graduate-show collections acquired from the university’s fashion design department and works by contemporary artists from across the region – the new acquisitions represent a wide variety of forms and genres.

Our thanks to everyone whose donations, financial contributions, and helpful pointers to works on the art market have made it possible for us to continue actively expanding the museum’s collection.




  • Johann Anton Ramboux (Trier 1790–1866 Köln), Nells Ländchen in Trier, um 1812/13, Öl auf Leinwand, Inv. Nr. III 2237, Schenkung von Frau Jutta Firmenich geb. von Nell 2017
  • Adriane Lila Fecke, Outfit »Blue«, 2016, Fischgrat-Köper, Baumwolle, Polyester, Metall, Inv. Nr. VII 1348, Ankauf 2017
  • Friedrich Anton Wyttenbach (Trier 1812–1845 Trier), Savoyardenjunge mit Affen und Hunden, um 1840, Öl auf Holz, Inv. Nr. III 2236, Ankauf 2017
  • Martina Diederich (* 1962 Mayen), Weinstand, 2019,Acryl und Öl auf Leinwand, Inv. Nr. III 2315, Ankauf 2019
  • Josef Christoph Brems-Varain (Trier 1858–1912 Freiburg/Br.),
Historistische Messkännchengarnitur (Pollengarnitur)
im Stil der Gotik, Vermeil, um 1900, Silber, vergoldet (Feuervergoldung), Inv. Nr. X 1348 a–c